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Expedia Adds Itinerary with Live Data to Booking App

Leading online travel company has announced the addition of a set of visual mobile itineraries capabilities to its Expedia mobile app. The announcement was made Friday, March 29.

Because the itinerary is connected to the traveler’s Expedia itinerary, the mobile app gives the traveler up-to-date info in their hands at every stage of travel using a set of visual cues.

Using location awareness and time zone updates, the app surfaces the most relevant part of the itinerary and related information like airport maps, flight status, confirmation codes and addresses at the moment the traveler is most likely to need that piece of information.

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Meanwhile, with i-Mobb, a new app for world travelers, customers can access free roaming in foreign countries using their smartphones, tablets, and iPod Touch devices. (Read: Free Roaming App i-Mobb for World Travelers)

And leading travel site TripAdvisor says its mobile app is now pre-installed onto the new Samsung Galaxy S 4, enabling consumers worldwide to have easy access to TripAdvisor travel content. (Read: TripAdvisor Travel Tools on Samsung Galaxy S 4)

“We’re launching our itinerary in 30 countries and 16 languages; on Android and iOS; for both phones and tablets around the world simultaneously. This is our biggest mobile launch ever,” said John Kim, senior VP, Global Products, Expedia.

The app is free and is available for download at

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