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Domino’s Pizza Launches New Online Group Ordering Tool

Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza

With Domino’s new Group Ordering Tool, Domino’s Pizza (NYSE: DPZ) says ordering meals for graduation parties, birthdays and meetings will become easier.

Announced today, May 12, the new tool is stated to be a fast and convenient feature on that calculates an estimate of the number of pizzas needed to feed a specific amount of people.

“The Group Ordering Tool is perfect for holiday get-togethers such as Memorial Day, graduation parties or large lunch meetings where customers don’t know how many or what pizzas to order,” said Chris Brandon, Domino’s Pizza spokesperson.

“How many times have you had to do the math to figure out how many pizza pies to get? Domino’s tool solves that big ‘pizza problem’ and shows customers what our most popular topping options are as well.”

Domino’s customers who use the Group Ordering Tool will also receive a discount on the menu price of their pizzas. Domino’s customers can see all available discounts by checking out the coupons section online.

Customers can utilize Domino’s Group Ordering Tool from their computer by visiting the company site.

Eat responsibly.

Photo courtesy: Domino’s Pizza

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