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Dentsu Goes with Perfume for Happy Hacking

Leading advertising agency Dentsu announced today that it will be leading a seminar at the 2013 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on Thursday, June 20.

Entitled “Happy Hacking: Redefining the Co-creation Frontier,” the session will push the notion of “co-creation” further and explore the possibilities and implications of “hacking” in today’s world.

“Our model grew out of this mindset of understanding people not just as ‘target consumers,’ but as audiences,” explained Yuya Furukawa, chief creative officer of Dentsu.

“Today, as it was during Dentsu’s earliest days, it is important to know the kinds of stories and content that people choose to consume, engage with or co-create through hacking.”

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The event will include a panel discussion featuring six-time Lions winner Adam Kerj, chief creative officer, 360i and Naoko Katayama, executive planning director, Dentsu Holdings USA.

The panelists will explore the concepts of “Happy Hacking” and share “hacking” examples on behalf of two major clients.

“Hacking different domains of collaboration in the world of creativity changes the dynamic of every relationship and the interaction among all the parties, including the brand, the agency, the consumers and the creators. As a result of hacking, unconventional and exciting work is created,” Furukawa said.

The forum will be moderated by the 2013 PR Week Agency PR Professional of the Year Elise Mitchell, CEO, Mitchell Communications Group; CEO, Dentsu Public Relations Network.

Additionally, Cannes Lions audience members will have an opportunity to witness a performance by celebrated Japanese techno-pop singing sensation Perfume (pictured above).

The session will be streamed live on YouTube ( at 16:00 CET (10:00 EDT), on Thursday, June 20.

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