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Citizen Offers Mobile Printing with iOS Bluetooth Capability

Citizen Systems America Corporation, a leading provider of printing technology, announces Apple iOS Bluetooth on its CMP-20 and CMP-30 mobile printers.

Citizen’s CMP 20 and CMP 30 mobile printers now come with the capability of communicating with iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads via Bluetooth.

This will allow a typical mobile user – such as a sales person, delivery driver or service technician – to print even when a 3G connection isn’t available.

According to Citizen, the new capability fills an important gap in the market where integration between mobile devices and printers is concerned.

Citizen printers can already talk via WiFi with Apple handhelds, but this relies on the user being in range of an accessible wireless LAN.

Now, Citizen printers contain Bluetooth MFI chips that can communicate with Apple devices, bringing a new level of functionality and convenience to users.

Citizen also offers application tools in getting iOS users up and running quickly, creating a fast path to productivity in the iOS realm of uses.

This allows anyone to take full advantage of the new capability of the CMP mobile printers swiftly and painlessly, says the company.

Citizen is demonstrating the CMP Series printers with iOS using the Citizen AIR-Connect app at the National Retail Federation show Jan. 13-14, 2014 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.

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