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Cat Show on Facebook – Will Kitty Play With It?

Friskies brand wants to hear and see all about the funny things your cats play with, or don’t. It has created its first game show for cats “Will Kitty Play With It?,” and invites cats at home to play along.

Friskies releases new episodes of “Will Kitty Play With It?” each week for the next several weeks on the Friskies Facebook page. It was announced today, Feb. 19.

Each episode of the game show focuses on one specific item, hidden under a cardboard box, to be revealed to a curious cat.

Once the box has been lifted, suspense builds as the item is revealed and described in detail before the big question, and moment of truth: “Will Kitty Play With It?”

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Items featured for consideration include a red plastic cup, a toothpaste cap, a parking ticket, and more. Fans of the Friskies Facebook page may have opportunities to vote for items to be featured, and make predictions about whether or not the cat will play with the item during the show.

Fans also may have opportunities to receive their very own home versions of the game – complete with cardboard reveal box, string and a few items to get started. Friskies wants to see the fun cats and owners create.

Fans are encouraged to film the fun and post their home videos on the Friskies Facebook page to see if cats everywhere play with the same items as the cats on the game show – or not. Fans can tag their videos and comments with #willkittyplay and upload to Twitter @Friskies, or Friskies Facebook.

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“Cats use their creativity, curiosity and imaginations to make just about any household item into a toy,” said Shawn Brain, Friskies assistant brand manager. “We created ‘Will Kitty Play With It’ to have some fun encouraging people to be more adventurous with playtime.”

Also, Friskies introduces “DIY Homemade Cat Toys,” a series of simple craft-style cat toy projects. Just about anyone can make Friskies’ DIY Cat Toys using household items that otherwise may wind up in the recycle bin, like milk jug rings and cardboard tubes.

Simple step-by-step instructions with how-to photos are printable…and pinnable! Find and share instructions for the Irresistiball, Knotty Spider, Playmaker and Canalot castle on the DIY Homemade CatToys board on Friskies new Pinterest page at

The Friskies brand offers a complete line of cat foods, including more than 60 wet, dry and treat varieties. Friskies is manufactured by Nestlé Purina PetCare, a global player in the pet care industry.

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