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Can an Android Tablet Work as a Computer Monitor?

Yes, says Avatron Software. It has announced the availability of its Air Display app for Android tablets.

The new addition to the company’s family of Air Display products transforms an Android tablet into a wireless computer monitor for Mac or Windows notebook, laptop or desktop computers. It was announced today, Feb. 10.

Avatron’s lightweight app for Android tablets increases usable screen space by as much as 70 percent while freeing up user workspaces by enabling the repositioning of windows and workflow elements onto a separate computer screen.

In addition to the iPad product and the new app for Android tablets, Air Display is also available on Mac OS X, Samsung’s Bada and Intel’s AppUp platforms.

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“Air Display extends the desktop computer onto the Android screen and can also mirror the main monitor,” said Dave Howell, Avatron’s CEO. “Users can use the app with either the touch screen or a mouse; the touch screen is particularly useful for such functions as the calculator, painting, games and demos.

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Air Display for Android tablets, like Avatron’s Air Display apps for other platforms, delivers high-performance mouse capabilities with continually balanced image quality and refresh speed for optimal viewing quality, says the company.

Once users load the app directly onto the Android, the “main” computer with each use automatically recognizes the tablet as a secondary monitor and returns to single-screen mode when the app is closed.

The new app is exclusively available in Amazon’s Appstore for Android for $9.99.

Avatron separately today released a retail edition of Air Display for the Mac, which comes with a free trial period. It is usable on older Macs from the PowerMac onward, as well as older Mac OS X versions 10.5.8 and up, which cannot access the Mac App Store.

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According to the company, single copies of the Mac retail edition are available for $19.99; buyers may purchase two or more copies for $14.99 for each.

Avatron Software is a leading developer of productivity-enhancing applications across all genres for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac, including Air Sharing, Print Sharing, and Air Display. The company is based in Portland, Oregon.

Photo courtesy: Avatron Software

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