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Buzzalot: A New Social Media Search Engine

Buzzalot Social Media Search Engine

Buzzalot Social Media Search Engine

As the social media hype continues to grow, a privately held company I.M.I.T Clouds is using this hype to its advantage.

The company has launched something called Buzzalot, which is positioned as a social media search engine.

“Too much content divided across multiple platforms is buried in a sea of noise! Cutting through the noise and discovering great content from the real publishers online, users required a more sophisticated solution. That’s why we built DiscoAPI, the engine that powers Buzzalot’s social search,” says Shalom Issenberg, I.M.I.T. Clouds LLC owner and creator of

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While social search engines have been made available as part of social sites as well as independent search tools, Buzzalot and its core technology approaches the goal of ranking and prioritizing content differently, says the company.

“Social content should not be prioritized by a machine algorithm alone. We believe that a technology that blends human usage, search technology and ultimately computer learning is the method that will change the way we discover, engage, and benefit from social media content,” said Issenberg.

I.M.I.T Clouds is a privately held company headquartered in the High Tech Park, Omer, Israel with extensions in Sunnyvale, CA, and Toronto, Ontario.

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