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Batman Arrives on the App Store as Graphic Novel

DC Entertainment, a digital comic book publisher, and digital studio Madefire unveil a new partnership to provide digital comics through a new app, Batman: Arkham Origins – A DC2 Multiverse Graphic Novel.

The new iOS app is said to be the first DC2 MultiVerse title featuring a multi-path reading experience.

The graphic novel tells the prequel story to the recently released game from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Batman: Arkham Origins.

The graphic novel immerses readers into the world of Batman through dynamic artwork and action sounds integrated with a full soundtrack.

It is divided into eight chapters available for individual purchase or as an entire series. A new chapter will arrive every two weeks and each will offer dozens of possible story outcomes, with multiple story branches.

Some choices will successfully lead to Batman’s next mission and carry through to the following week’s episode. Other choices could have deadly consequences.

Readers who complete the series will be rewarded with two skins for the Batman: Arkham Origins game: Injustice Batman and the exclusive New 52 Metallic Batman.

Or, customers can purchase a series pass in advance and be rewarded with both skins upfront.

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