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AOL Debuts Three Apps for Apple Watch

AOL Debuts Three Apps for Apple Watch

AOL has announced the debut of three apps built for the Apple Watch, including Pip, the newly redesigned The Huffington Post app, and the AOL app. Available on April 24, the apps will include the following features:

Pip App offers a new messaging experience for the Apple Watch. It allows users to send and respond to short, simple messages with a single tap.

In just a few taps, tell a friend you’re running late, share your location (or ask for theirs), send them the weather, ask them to call you, and more without even having to pull out your phone, says the company.

The Huffington Post App brings you new articles. Users will be able to navigate, bookmark and share through the real-time updates from The Huffington Post’s international editions including the UK, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Maghreb, Greece, and India.

The AOL App keeps you connected, informed and entertained with today’s headlines, trending videos and AOL Mail.

“As a media technology company, we are committed to providing the best possible messaging, news, and mail platforms on the Apple Watch,” said Bill Pence, AOL global chief technology officer. “With the Pip app, The Huffington Post app and the AOL app, we believe we’re delivering products that will exceed our users expectations and enhance their Apple Watch experience.”

AOL (NYSE: AOL) is a media technology company.

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