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Wordox Social Game in Six Languages on Facebook

IsCool Entertainment, a leading social game publisher in Europe, announced Monday that its word game, Wordox, is now available in six languages on Facebook.

Launched in April 2012 the game was first available in French and English, then shortly thereafter, in German and Spanish. Now, the Portuguese and Italian versions have been released.

“Wordox is a real breath of fresh air in comparison to traditional word games, earning it much support from players who have tried it,” said Olivier Mathieu, VP of Business Operations, IsCool.

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The availability of the game in six languages is the result of in-depth work on each of the dictionaries, enabling the development of an artificial intelligence capable of reproducing all the different levels of play in each language, says the company.



Wordox is a board game based on letters and strategy. Tactics are as important as vocabulary to win games, making the game fun, unique and accessible for everyone.

A mobile version of the game will be available in December on smartphones and tablets, either using iOS or Android operating systems.

You can play the game at:

IsCool Entertainment is a French company and a major European player in the social gaming market.

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