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What Your Social Media Picture Reveals About You, Secretly

The type of picture that you use on your Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter profile can silently tell all your secret traits that you may not be interested to reveal.

By Rakesh Raman

Rakesh Raman

Rakesh Raman

You’d have heard that a person’s handwriting or sleeping position or kissing habits can reveal about their personality traits. But now the same is true for your social media picture.

The type of picture that you use on your Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter profile can silently tell all your secret traits that you may not be interested to reveal to your friends or even family members.

Believe it or not, my findings are based on nearly five years of research that I have done on social media with a sample size of more than 6,000 social media users from all parts of the world.

Here are the types of social media pictures that I have seen along with the traits of the people.

Picture Type: Full Length

Although there are very few full-length social media profile photos, the users who use such pictures are actually quite sensitive about their physique. They take full care of their bodies and are fitness freaks.

People such as fashion models, actors, and artists put full-length pictures. They are quite self-centered creatures and they prefer to interact only with a few who are in their inner circle. It’s seen that the full-length picture is more common among females than the males.

Picture Type: Headshot

This is the most common picture type among social media users. These people are intellectuals. Although they waste some time on social media sites, they like to spend most of their time on activities that enhance their knowledge – such as reading, writing, discussions, traveling, and so on.

These people are quite sensitive and get disturbed when you challenge their abilities. This picture type is equally common among males and females. Such people like to live in a family atmosphere and are very ambitious.

Picture Type: Animal

A few social media users put the picture of a dog, cat, or a rat instead of their own pictures. Horses are also there but rare. These people are cheats by nature. They can stab on the back of their close friends and family members. They want to live in a world full of secrets and covert pursuits.

You can make them your virtual friends on social media sites, but never allow them to come near you in the real world. Okay?

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Picture Type: Joint

Some users appear with their spouses. They are highly insecure types. They believe that everybody out there is coming to deceive them. Also, they are intellectually challenged people.

However, they are quite caring and create an artificial ring around themselves to stay in a protective cocoon. They neglect others to ostensibly show their affection for a few who are close to them during a particular time. Moreover, they are always confused.

Picture Type: Empty

Some users don’t put any picture on their social media profile and leave the space blank. These are very dangerous type of people. You should never trust them. They are cunning like a fox and are always looking for opportunities to let others down for their personal gains.

They sit on social media sites like zombies and hardly interact with others. If possible, remove them from your network as early as possible. I have removed a few of them.

Picture Type: Abstract

Some users put the picture of inanimate objects like aeroplane, car, screwdriver, etc. Or they put their body parts other than face – such as ear, nose, throat – or use something to hide their face. These people are as confused as their pictures. They are introverts and very weak communicators.

Plus, their pictures indicate that they regularly face health problems. They are hardly romantic and do mundane, boring jobs throughout their lives.

You can test these observations on yourself as well as others in your social networks. There’s a greater likelihood that they will reveal the right personality traits for all of you – and me, of course. Try it, right away.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Company

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