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VoterTide Offers Free Election Mobile Alerts Service

VoterTide, a nonpartisan social media intelligence company, announced Tuesday the release of its as-news-is-breaking, free mobile alerts service.

Designed to detect news as it is breaking in social media, VoterTide Alerts allow smartphone users to track up to three candidates through the rest of the 2012 U.S. election cycle.

With over a billion social media interactions to date and the collection, processing, and analysis of over one million interactions each day, VoterTide Alerts identifies who has the biggest online voice share, generating news deemed important by the people, not just the media, the company says.

It is being observed that technology is playing a significant role in the campaigns for 2012 U.S. elections. As the electioneering is gaining momentum, tech companies are offering a slew of solutions to make political processes efficient for the parties and candidates. (Read: How Technology is Entering the American Political Arena)

Meanwhile, the 2012 Republican National Convention has announced that web major Google has been named the “Official Social Platform and Live Stream Provider” of the Republican presidential nominating convention to be held Aug. 27-30 in Tampa. (Read: Republican Convention Selects Google as Tech Partner)

The top 10 political entities (excluding presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney) with the biggest online voice share and influence on VoterTide’s Social Media Index since January 1, 2012 are:

  1. John Boehner (R-OH), Speaker of the House
  2. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Chairman of the Committee on the Budget
  3. Democratic National Committee (DNC)
  4. Scott Walker (R), Governor of Wisconsin
  5. Chris Christie (R), Governor of New Jersey
  6. Republican National Committee (RNC)
  7. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Senator
  8. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Minority Leader
  9. Scott Brown (R-MA), Senator
  10. Harry Reid (D-NV), Senate Majority Leader

Founded in 2011, offers a social media monitoring and analysis platform and alerts service to help politicians and organizations engage their constituents online.

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