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UNICEF Joins Tech Majors in Artificial Intelligence Group

Artificial Intelligence Group

UNICEF joins the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (AI) founded by Amazon, Apple, Google/DeepMind, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft.

Through the partnership UNICEF’s Office of Innovation will forge collaborations to scale the use of AI for social good through innovative solutions to humanitarian challenges to benefit children.

Through collaborations with tech companies UNICEF data technologists can use AI to solve societal problems.

An example of this is the Magic Box platform, which pools data from partners like IBM, Google, Amadeus, and Telefonica to inform real-time decision-making in emergencies like earthquakes and floods.

Chris Fabian, Senior Advisor, Ventures, UNICEF Innovation said, “UNICEF has always been an organization driven by data – and the capacity to process and learn from the massive amounts of data that exist around us will let us work to improve the life of every child.

“We are in a position where we can connect the needs of the world’s most vulnerable children to the capacities of the most advanced technology.

“We believe that machine learning and the future of AI will help us address globally relevant issues like the spread of disease, responses to climate change and disasters, and the uncertain future of jobs and employment.”

Photo courtesy: UNICEF

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