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Technology for Women Who Want Beautiful Breasts

Here’s a new technology that promises to personalize breast augmentation results. A dream that many women share is improved appearance through breast augmentation.

But while almost 20% have considered breast implants, only a small percentage of them ultimately realize that dream, often deterred by uncertainty over the outcome.

Now, technology from Canfield Imaging Systems claims it can help women decide on the look they desire and connects them to a practice that will deliver on the promise of their dreams.

Meanwhile, bras are suddenly selling like hot cakes. Or at least marketers’ focus has increased on bras of different flavours for women. (Read: Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra with Smart Sizes

Starting with, a portal that opens into the world of realistic aesthetic simulation, patients can experience the possibilities of breast augmentation using Canfield’s interactive 3D visualizations.

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Here they can select a body type, experiment with cup sizes and even try on a “virtual” bikini top. The simulation result, as well as an actual surgical outcome, can then be viewed from any angle.

A single click lets them share the experience with their friends and family. Another click connects them to a plastic surgery practice where they can experience 3D simulation in person.

Behind this experience is the new Sculptor software and VECTRA 3D imaging system for plastic surgery practices. With fast, high-resolution 3D imaging plus patient education and surgical planning tools, aesthetic consultations have never been so informative and productive, claims the company.

New features include virtual clothing, cup size estimations, automatic measurements and implant recommendations.

Canfield Imaging Systems is a division of Canfield Scientific, Inc., a global company in imaging systems services and products for scientific research and healthcare applications. Canfield Scientific, Inc. serves the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, medical and skincare industries.

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