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Pregnancy and Parenting Go Digital with Emma Bing

Heidi Murkoff, founder of and author of the What to Expect series of pregnancy and parenting books, says there will be a new member to join her immediate, and digital, family.

Emma Bing, Heidi’s daughter with husband Erik Murkoff, and the inspiration for the book series and website, “What To Expect When You’re Expecting,” is having a baby with husband Russell Ali.

She will join her mother on sharing parenting and pregnancy advice to women. Now 17 weeks pregnant, Emma, 29, is expecting her first child in February and will speak to fellow millennials on the site about her first-hand experiences with pregnancy, balancing it with savvy and sassy beauty and fashion advice for women.

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The site, published by Everyday Health, reaches women from pre-conception through their child’s toddler years. Emma’s content can be found at:

Everyday Health also has launched its YouTube channel “Everyday Health: TV to Change Your Life.” The new channel is part of YouTube’s original channel initiative. Everyday Health partnered with Trium, a production company, to create primetime-ready health and wellness programming. (Read: Everyday Health Opens New YouTube Channel)

“I couldn’t be more excited or prouder to welcome Emma aboard the mama ship,” exclaimed Heidi Murkoff on “I would say that Emma is following in my footsteps, but her footsteps are two-and-a-half sizes larger than mine; and even pregnant, she negotiates those footsteps in stilettos…something I could never do, even when I wasn’t pregnant! So instead, Emma will be carving out her own.”

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Emma is a featured voice and regular contributor, writing and video blogging about the nine-month journey. With an innate sense of style and a voice full of empathy and humor, Emma’s beauty and fashion advice will also help ensure that women know all her secrets about how to feel fashionable and beautiful during pregnancy, believes Everyday Health, Inc.

Everyday Health is a leading new media health company.

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