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Noyo Tablet Apps Help You Learn Languages

Noyo, a Boston-based company that made a splash with its first language learning app for tablets earlier this year, is being honored by the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship this week.

The organization has named Noyo the MIT Company of the Week. It was announced today, March 25.

“It’s an honor to be featured by the Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship,” said CEO, Ted Chan.

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Moreover, Disney Publishing Worldwide (DPW), the world’s leading publisher of children’s books and magazines, will increase its presence in the digital learning space with its first language learning product.

Learn Chinese: Toy Story 3 will expand DPW’s existing base of educational products with a new approach based on the company’s experience in teaching English. (Read: Disney Launches Digital Language Learning Product)

Noyo language learning apps re-enforce vocab learning by linking words to cheerful, engaging scenes, longer phrases, professional audio, and assessment questions.

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The user experience is intuitive—just touch on scenes to learn vocab items—but beneath the simple exterior is a structured, thorough curriculum for vocabulary learning.

The company recently released Noyo Spanish and plans to hit the ground running with apps for French, Portuguese, Mandarin, etc. in the near future. By providing a low-cost, yet thorough, language-learning app for tablets, Noyo hopes to provide students and educators with a tool for any-time learning and to make vocabulary learning less rote and boring.

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Along with Mike Sullivan, a passionate career educator, Chan has spun knowledge into an intuitive new platform that serves as the base for Noyo apps.

“We believe strongly that once a learner has an arsenal of new vocabulary, they begin to grasp the concepts of acquiring a new language,” said Sullivan. “Our goal with Noyo is to ignite a fire in a student and instill the desire to become a lifetime language learner.”

Noyo Spanish is currently available for the iPad, Android tablets, and the Kindle Fire.

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