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Mobile Beacon to Provide Free Wi-Fi in Jenks Park

Mobile Beacon, which provides mobile 4G Internet service to nonprofit, government, and educational entities, is partnering with the City of Central Falls in Rhode Island on the “Light Up the Park” Wi-Fi Initiative.

Today, Sept. 22, Mobile Beacon will be providing free Wi-Fi service in Jenks Park at the Bright Futures Festival from 12-7 pm.

Festival attendees will be able to access the service in several hotspot zones throughout Jenks Park.

Mobile Beacon representatives will be available at their tent at the entrance of the Park to provide technical support assistance and answer questions about their 4G mobile internet service.

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Meanwhile, nearly 4,500 families or 18,000 people throughout the Greater Houston area have enrolled in the Internet Essentials program. In its first full year of availability, more than 100,000 families or 400,000 Americans are now online. (Read: Comcast Program to Bridge the Digital Divide)

Mobile Beacon will also be demonstrating how its 4G service can help improve safety and security through the use of IP-based HD security cameras, a remote monitoring system, and real-time access to information.

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“We hope to be able to provide the city with a long-term solution to keep this service available in Jenks Park, making it a true hotspot that the community can benefit from year-round,” says Katherine Messier, managing director of Mobile Beacon.

According to the company, the purpose behind the partnership is to help make next-generation mobile broadband service accessible to community. With free Wi-Fi access, visitors to Jenks Park can not only enjoy the outdoor setting, but also stay connected and productive with real-time access to information.

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