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Microsoft Gets Cloud App to Manage Energy Efficiency

Microsoft Corp has adopted CarbonSystems’ Environmental Sustainability Platform (ESP) cloud application as its new global standard for managing its energy efficiency and environmental-performance reporting, underpinning its commitment to the environment and a sustainable low-carbon economy, according to CarbonSystems.

CarbonSystems, a global provider of environmental and energy management solutions, was selected based on its ability to use cloud computing to simplify and streamline Microsoft’s global greenhouse gas management and reporting to stakeholders.

ESP will be implemented across Microsoft’s global operations, which comprise over 600 facilities across 110 countries, says CarbonSystems.

ESP is a cloud-based data management engine that allows global electronic data interchange (EDI) with internal systems and third party suppliers. Its deployment benefits include:

  • Automating energy and sustainability data collection to support CDP reporting.
  • Cutting the time and cost of managing corporate environmental information by automating the capture and tracking of energy, water and other environmental data from utilities and third party suppliers.
  • Providing up to date, auditable business and compliance reports via dashboards summarizing energy, emissions and other environmental data.
  • Informing efficiency and cost-saving decisions by providing a wide range of environmental performance analytics such as benchmarking, forecasting and marginal abatement cost analysis tools.
  • Verifying the impacts, return on investment and payback from efficiency initiatives.

“Our business offering will mature as we collaborate with Microsoft to advance the value that data and cloud computing provides our customers. The scale and reach of their diverse, global infrastructure – from corporate real estate to data centers – will drive ongoing enhancements in our software platform,” said CarbonSystems’ chief executive David Solsky (pictured above).

“Microsoft is committed to measuring, transparently reporting, and minimizing the carbon footprint of our operations,” said Rob Bernard, chief environmental strategist at Microsoft.

“We view CarbonSystems as a key part of our effort to achieve Microsoft’s business and environmental sustainability goals. Carbon System’s ESP will enable us to efficiently collect, analyze and share environmental data, delivering new levels of understanding about the resources we use.”

Deployment of CarbonSystems’ ESP application will allow Microsoft to track key environmental indicators and performance across its portfolio of real estate and data center assets.

This will enable the company to accurately assess the impact, payback period and return on investment of its efficiency initiatives in the built environment. CarbonSystems made this announcement today, March 12.

Photo courtesy: CarbonSystems

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