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Caveface to Send You Back to the Stone Age

Mobile entertainment publisher Moonshark is fast joining hands with celebs from the entertainment world to release its new apps.

Close on the heels of announcing its partnership with Jennifer Lopez for the release of DancePad, today it has announced its association with YouTube star Philip DeFranco and Los Angeles-based app developer Mention Mobile.

It is releasing Caveface, a new app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that sends users back to the Stone Age. With the Caveface App, users can morph photos of themselves, their friends, their pets – virtually anything with a face – into prehistoric mugs.

“Moonshark gets me, my audience, and our sense of humor – which can be a little out there,” said DeFranco. “It is great to be able to offer fun, cool things to the people who watch my show, and I think it’ll be hilarious to have them submit their ‘cave-faced’ photos and see how they look.”

The app is designed to be social, allowing users to share their cavefaces through email, Facebook and Twitter.

Users can even choose to send their cavefaces directly to DeFranco, who will feature the most “DeFrancolicious” images on his YouTube broadcast, which airs four times-a-week at, and his destination site at

“Caveface gets a laugh every time you use it,” said Matt Kozlov, CEO of Moonshark.

The Caveface App is available for 99 cents from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or at

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