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Lenovo’s First Table PC for Interpersonal Computing

Personal technology company Lenovo has announced the IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC, the company’s first “interpersonal PC,” a multi-user, multi-touch, multi-mode device for the home.

It allows users to turn their personal computing experience into a shared computing experience.

As a Table PC, Horizon can lie flat on any surface, lets two or more people use the screen at the same time, supports interactive physical gaming accessories and is designed for touch screen game-play among several players.

Horizon takes advantage of Windows 8 touch functionality to bring customized games from Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. It can also transform into a 27-inch desktop to handle whatever productivity tasks users need to do.

IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC

IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC

At the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, Lenovo also demonstrated a large 39-inch wide-screen Table PC, code-named “Gamma.”

While still an early concept, Gamma illustrates the multi-user entertainment experiences such a large screen can provide and is indicative of Lenovo’s future direction in Table PC computing.

The IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC will be available beginning in early summer through Lenovo business partners and Prices start at approximately $1,699.

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