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President Bill Clinton to Keynote at Dell World

Technology company Dell said Tuesday that President Bill Clinton and Dell chairman and CEO Michael Dell will speak at Dell World 2012, the company’s second annual customer and partner event.

Attendees will learn how technology can help make a greater global impact by enabling success in business and in life, says the company.

“Today, technology often sets the foundation for growth in business, achievements in life and positive change in the world,” Mr. Dell said. “Dell World 2012 is all about giving customers the power to do more by helping them get the most from their technology.”

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At Dell World 2012, technology professionals will discover their own power to do more by learning from one another as well as identifying opportunities presented by the key forces changing business today.

Dell World 2012 will address challenges in making the right technology choices and highlight solutions available for a wide range of industries.

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“In today’s challenging economic environment, our customers are looking for ways to deliver real business value and results faster, and the organizations that can effectively use emerging technologies to do so will rise to the top,” said Steve Felice, Dell president and chief commercial officer.

“Today’s IT professionals have an opportunity to be the force of change, and at Dell World 2012, we’re excited to help those leaders identify areas of opportunity.”

Dell World 2012 will take place at the Austin Convention Center Dec. 11-13, 2012.

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