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In-App Social Video Ads with 140 Proof Platform

A leading social ad platform for Twitter and Facebook, 140 Proof, has launched a new in-app social video ad unit that enables brands to increase social engagement around videos and better capture the positive buzz surrounding their video campaigns.

This is the first time advertisers will be able to serve video content to consumers within their favorite social apps, the company claims. The announcement was made Wednesday, Feb, 22.

The platform helps marketers reach consumers in social feeds through paid media placements and a growing percentage of these ads now include links to videos. With 140 Proof’s new in-app video ad unit, brands can now drive consumers to a custom video viewing experience within the app for a seamless user experience when they click through to watch a video.

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This enhanced video viewing experience allows brands to add a number of different social and branding elements like video ratings and a tweet stream of all the social conversation around the video. Consumers can now also click to play the video from within the viewing experience itself.

140 Proof’s new in-app social video ad unit includes:

  • Creation and hosting of a customized video viewing experience;
  • HTML5 Video Player that allows consumers to watch the video from the page;
  • An In-App Video Rating widget consumers can use to rate the video within the page;
  • A Discussion widget that creates a feed of all tweets referencing the client’s hashtags.

“140 Proof helps marketers reach relevant consumers in an environment where they’re actively looking to discover and share interesting content, particularly videos. Our data shows that a large percentage of social stream ads include a link to a video,” said Jon Elvekrog, CEO of 140 Proof.

“With 140 Proof’s new in-app social video ad unit, brands can boost engagement around their videos by creating a rich, native viewing experience that is totally integrated into the consumer’s use of the app and doesn’t take them away from the social stream.”

The company’s patented technology helps marketers target consumers in the social space based on whom they follow, keywords used in their social streams and other publicly available keys from their social graph. Marketers can leverage the platform in real-time to serve more engaging social display ads.

140 Proof is headquartered in San Francisco and has sales offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit.

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