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Groupon Adds Support for Android Tablets

Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) has unveiled new versions of the iPhone and Android apps for the e-commerce market.

The updates make search a front-and-center experience, and for the first time add dedicated support for Android tablets, says the company.

It says that search is a critical part of Groupon’s product strategy. Most Groupon merchants now make their deals available on an ongoing basis, and search allows customers to find only the deals most relevant to them in this expanded marketplace.

In iPhone v.2.5 search is prominent with a clickable icon that allows customers to navigate from anywhere in the app.

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Search is also a central element of Android v.2.4, which also includes a new interface for 10-inch tablets. The Android tablet market is growing quickly, and, with support for tablets, the Groupon Android app is now a complement to its iPad app.

Announced Tuesday, April 23, the apps also include a range of other features and performance improvements, and iPhone v.2.5 adds support for customers in India.

Groupon offers a suite of mobile services that help consumers discover local businesses.

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