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Goaly Moley: “The First 3D Mobile Game App”

Planet Toccer Holding Ltd., founded by former athlete, Mark Thomas, has teamed up with leading animated film and gaming industry veterans to launch Goaly Moley, claimed to be the first 3D mobile game app from the Space Sports franchise.

Space Sports’ Goaly Moley is said to be an engaging and competitive 3D game app with rich graphics and cosmic monsters. Players can test their soccer skills against Galactic Moles as they score points against Madu the Monster.

Space Sports is holding the first Goaly Moley Championship of the ZaZa Galaxy starting on April 15, 2013. The winner will receive an all expenses paid trip for two to London to attend the U.E.F.A. (Union of European Football Association) Champions League Final on May 25, 2013, according to Space Sports.

“Space Sports’ Goaly Moley encourages, educates, coaches and rewards players with virtual and real prizes. Today’s players are tomorrow’s champions,” said Space Sports founder, Mark Thomas.

New games coming in 2013 include basketball, motor racing, baseball, football, cricket, rugby and surfing.

Space Sports Goaly Moley

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Space Sports Goaly Moley

“Space Sports teaches its users that sports are fun and helps build their social skills. It uses players’ computer time to educate them through a new, online, virtual sports world and encourages them to take what they learn onto the playing fields of the world,” concluded Thomas.

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