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Fujitsu Scanner for Over-Sized Documents

Fujitsu, which offers document imaging scanners, today introduced the newest addition to its ScanSnap product lineup, the ScanSnap SV600.

It features a new technique to digitize bound, fragile and large documents such as magazines, books, newspapers, drawings, photos, paintings, business cards and more.

With one-button scanning, the SV600 utilizes its compact scanning design to turn hard-to-scan objects into PDF or JPEG files which can then be stored, shared and accessed.

The ScanSnap SV600 is equipped with new “Versatile Imaging Technology” (VI Technology) allowing the scanner to minimize the unevenness in image quality and generate a smooth, uniform digital image that looks natural to the reader’s eye.

This is important when scanning thick, bound and uneven documents such as books, magazines and artwork. Its single camera scan functionality also gives users the ability to scan valuable and delicate documents without ever touching the surface, says the company.

The Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 is available now for $795.00 through Fujitsu authorized resellers.

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