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Football Gaming Goes Online with Gillette Football Club

Following the global launch of the Gillette Football Club, Gillette announced Wednesday a gaming partnership with UK-based social entertainment company, We R Interactive.

In the global, multi-layered partnership aimed at driving registrations to the Gillette Football Club, We R Interactive’s online football game, I AM PLAYR, will feature as the first and only game on the Gillette Football Club.

Gillette will also be woven into I AM PLAYR through a host of narrative integrations available to I AM PLAYR users who subscribe to Gillette Football Club, starting with a Gillette Sports Science Centre.

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Focused around optimizing match day performance and building confidence, the Gillette Sports Science Centre will give I AM PLAYR users opportunities to meet with the Gillette Sports Science Centre staff – a Head of Sports Science, Sports Psychologist and Elite Performance Director, who will provide specialized treatments that boost the user’s on-pitch abilities – such as shooting, dribbling and passing.

“We’ve built a growing global audience across our portfolio of games and have established a track record of creating innovative partnerships that allow brands to credibly engage with consumers on their own terms and to a much deeper level compared to other media,” said Paul Whitehead (pictured above), global commercial director, We R Interactive.

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Further future integrations will include I AM PLAYR users being offered the chance to become the face of Gillette as a virtual brand ambassador.

“Gillette has a long track record in bringing men closer to their sporting passions, and we have taken this to the next level with the Gillette Football Club. This new partnership with We R Interactive will enhance the experience for both football fans on Gillette Football Club and I AM PLAYR users, and builds on our vision to ultimately deliver the best a fan can get with a complete online football experience,” said Alex Tosolini, VP, E-Business for P&G.

I AM PLAYR is claimed to be the first online football game that lets the user play the life of a professional footballer both, on and off the pitch. The live video content complements the main benefit of the Gillette Football Club; to provide fans with HD quality goals and highlights from top football leagues and clubs in Europe.

I AM PLAYR is available to play in the Gillette Football Club at

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