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DreamWorks Animation’s VeggieTales Appisode: 3 Builders

DreamWorks Animation and Plumzi today released the interactive appisode VeggieTales Appisode: 3 Builders on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Based on the TV episode “The Little House that Stood”, this appisode showcases an emerging form of story-driven entertainment that delights and challenges kids by putting them in control.

By using voice, tap, tilt and more, children will participate in the episode and learn valuable life lessons from the lovable VeggieTales characters Bob, Larry and Mr. Lunt.

VeggieTales Appisode: 3 Builders teaches the importance of building a strong foundation via active participation.

Viewing is no longer a passive experience; children will enjoy dozens of fun tap, tilt, and voice interactions throughout the appisode, including:

  • Talking to Bob through the microphone and listening to his funny responses
  • Tapping the screen to make silly prints in the cement
  • Dragging materials to rebuild the dam and prevent the flooding of CabbageVille

While offering kids a fun and immersive experience, activities also reinforce child development and learning. The app also allows parents to track their child’s progress in each of the activities.

VeggieTales Appisode: 3 Builders

VeggieTales Appisode: 3 Builders

“We believe appisodes are an exciting new form of entertainment and we are proud to bring our first VeggieTales appisode to market with Plumzi,” says Chris Hewish, head of Global Interactive at DreamWorks Animation.

“Plumzi has built a unique process and technology to quickly adapt existing animated series into immersive appisodes, which will allow kids everywhere to participate in the story of our beloved series.”

VeggieTales Appisode: 3 Builders is available for $4.99 from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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