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Coolingstyle Brings Personal Portable Air Conditioning Unit



The Coolingstyle personal indoor / outdoor air conditioner is a portable, multifunctional unit for camping, travel, home, and office use.

According to the company, it’s easy to carry at just 5.6 kg and its rechargeable battery is good for 5 hours of uninterrupted cooling between charges. It’s perfect for camping trips, outings to the beach, or any outdoor gathering where a little cooling is needed.

The company says the ingenious design of Coolingstyle is centered around a 1700BTU/H micro-rotary compressor that can cool down a 55 square foot room in minutes.

For indoor use, the device plugs into any outlet and uses a simple recirculation hose to reach outside. Using AC power, the device runs indefinitely, creating a cool environment at home, in the office or in any space.

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“Our team has specialized in micro-rotary technology for years and we achieved super-efficient cooling capacity in compressor units that are small enough for portability. We knew that with excellent ergonomics, multi-level cooling, and convenient added features, the Coolingstyle portable personal A/C would be perfect to enhance outdoor activities,” said Leo Zhu, the CEO of Coolingstyle.

The onboard battery bank can also charge mobile digital devices using USB so it’s a great backup for on-the-go fun. When it’s time to recharge, Coolingstyle powers up quickly and conveniently by the car battery, A/C adapter or power bank.

With outdoor adventures in mind, the Coolingstyle team added useful functions that set the device apart – the unit has a bright LED light to operate in the dark and includes an emergency SOS signal for unexpected situations.

The company adds that campers and other outdoor enthusiasts will also appreciate the built-in electronic mosquito repellent which silently repels bugs and biting insects for a better outdoor experience.

Photo courtesy: Coolingstyle

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