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Can You Swim with Your Mobile Phone?

Yes, if it’s a waterproof mobile, it can take a dive with you. However, being electronic items, mobiles can’t survive in water. But here comes a solution to make them waterproof.

Seal Shield company says it has introduced the world’s first iPhone and iPad waterproofing solution with antimicrobial product protection. Seal Shields are form-fitting, polyurethane covers that make iPhones and iPads 100% waterproof, washable and disinfectable.

They tightly wrap an iPhone or iPad in a protective shield, making the device impervious to contamination. Unlike bulky cases, Seal Shields are completely invisible, preserving the original Apple design, says the company.

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Stated to be ideal for the slopes, the beach, or the boat, Seal Shields make iPhones and iPads 100% waterproof, allowing their use under water, including camera and video functions.

Additionally, Seal Shields contain an antimicrobial fungistatic agent which protects the product and keeps it cleaner, greener and fresher by inhibiting the growth of microbial bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi on the products’ surfaces.

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According to Seal Shield CEO, Bradley Whitchurch, “Our healthcare customers are using more touch screen devices and they are demanding solutions which not only protect those products from scratches, but also from harmful bacteria and viruses. Seal Shields allow practitioners to wash and disinfect their touch screen devices, protecting the healthcare workers and their patients from infection.”

Introduced Tuesday, Feb. 21, Seal Shields are priced from $19.99 and are available internationally through major retailers and distributors for iPhone4, iPhone4s, and iPad2.

Seal Shield offers infection control products including patent-pending washable keyboards, mice and TV remote controls.

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