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BigOven Begins Big Food Fight with #FoodFight

BigOven Food Fight #FoodFight

BigOven is starting a #FoodFight, asking cooks to sound off on the big Thanksgiving questions on its blog, Facebook and Twitter.

BigOven will propose a Thanksgiving-oriented debate each day, and America’s cooks will weigh in.

Results will be posted with related recipes, menus and tips from BigOven, a recipe and organization website and app with a database of recipes.

The #FoodFight encompasses both food and social debates:

  • TV allowed or no TV allowed?
  • Is it better to host or visit?
  • Are sweet potatoes better with marshmallows, or should this classic have remained in the 1950’s?

BigOven Food Fight #FoodFight

BigOven will ask cooks to sound off on:

  • Turkey versus turducken
  • Green bean casserole, canned versus homemade cranberry sauce
  • Various other food-related debates that rage on during Thanksgiving planning.

You can download BigOven’s free apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and Windows Phone.

BigOven is a product of Lakefront Software, Inc. of Seattle Washington.

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