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M-GO Unveils New Features for Entertainment Consumers

Digital entertainment service M-GO announced today that it is launching a series of product features aimed at meeting consumer demand for personalized digital entertainment experiences.

Its new “Plus” customization features allow customers to create and organize personalized media “Cards” or lists for easy and fast access to favorite shows, movies, actors, directors, and more.

“We believe the real potential of digital entertainment resides in giving people control of their digital entertainment,” said John Batter, CEO of M-GO.

With M-GO “Plus” consumers can now:

  • Control their browsing experience so that content is organized in a personally relevant way making it easier to discover content and start watching it quickly.
  • Enjoy a simple and intuitive interface for customers to “Plus” the content they love and group that content into new or existing “Cards” which enable quick content access and fun thru exploration.
  • Curate content, rename cards and fine tune the recommendations presented to them. For example: If a customer expresses an interest in animation, they can “Plus” those films or TV shows and rename a list of recommendations for that topic i.e. “Jenny’s Cartoon Classics” so that this card is now prominent when browsing.

M-GO is a joint venture between DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor. It is available on all major platforms and functions on different operating systems ranging from Android to iOS to Windows. M-GO is a free service available on computers and tablets at:

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