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Big Fish to Deliver Casual Cloud Gaming Service

Big Fish, a leading producer of casual games, announced Thursday that its cloud gaming app — “Big Fish Instant Games” — is now available on all four screens – PC, tablet, smartphone and TV, delivering games via interactive streaming video.

The “Big Fish Instant Games” app is now available on smartphones on Google Play in addition to its prior availability on tablets.

The company also released a channel for the Roku 3 streaming player, enabling customers to play “Big Fish Instant Games” on TVs.

Customers on all four supported platforms can instantly play the entire “Big Fish Instant Games” catalog of more than 200 games, and it is growing. The “Big Fish Instant Games” app will be added to more platforms throughout 2013, says the company.

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“Adding Android smartphones and Roku to our supported devices has substantially increased the audience of users that can instantly play and enjoy games from Big Fish,” said Jina Heverley, VP of PC, Mac and Cloud for Big Fish. “Now you can start a Big Fish game on your TV at home, and pick it up later on the go on your smartphone without having to wait for the game to download.”

Subscription access to Big Fish’s instant streaming game premium catalog of more than 200 games is available for a $7.99 monthly fee. Big Fish also offers free access to a rotating catalog of games.

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