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Al Jazeera Creates Digital News Community. It’s AJ+

Al Jazeera AJ+

Al Jazeera AJ+

Al Jazeera Media Network announced Monday the launch of AJ+, a connected, global news community. With socially shareable content, AJ+ will highlight human struggles and achievements while providing context on the world’s biggest stories, the company said.

“AJ+ gives Al Jazeera the flexibility to innovate and grow and adjust in an era of rapid change in the news industry,” said Dr. Yaser Bishr, Al Jazeera Media Network’s executive director of Strategy and Development. “AJ+ is topical, direct and totally relevant to a younger audience that relies heavily on mobile consumption and their social streams.”

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AJ+ is available as a free iOS and Android app that conveys content via cards and stacks, making the delivery and consumption of news fast, dynamic and simple. These cards include:

Video: Video cards aim to empower you with relevant information that contextualizes the world around you.

Debate: These cards will allow you to vote on a certain issue, take a stand and advocate your position within the community.

Conversation: This is the space to dive deeper into issues. A conversation card connects you with a global community to engage and learn from each other.

Quiz: Quiz cards introduce a new and fun way to explore stories.

Art: The art card is designed to highlight key points around issues. They’re designed for you to share on social streams.

Resource: This card will provide links to relevant stories, articles and bits of information.

AJ+ content will continue to be available via its dedicated YouTube channel and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“Storytelling in the 21st century has become a one-way medium compared to what it was: an engaging experience. AJ+ encourages millennials to engage in conversations, build communities and question everything they see and hear,” added Dr. Bishr.

AJ+ is headquartered in San Francisco and will have production hubs across the globe in the near future. AJ+ is part of the Al Jazeera Media Network.

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