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World Bank TCdata360 to Help Spur Economic Growth

World Bank TCdata360

World Bank TCdata360

The World Bank Group said Monday that it has launched TCdata360, a public data source aimed at providing policymakers, development practitioners, academics, investors, and others with free and open access to data on trade and competitiveness.

The online platform is part of a broader effort to leverage the power of open data to help low- and middle-income countries spur economic growth by developing strategies that boost trade integration, enhance investment climates, improve sector competitiveness, and foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

TCdata360 combines vetted datasets from more than 20 organizations—including the Bank Group, United Nations, World Trade Organization, World Economic Forum, and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development—in an interactive platform.

Busy policymakers, development practitioners, academics, and industry specialists can use the site to access, compare, and download timely data on some 2,000 indicators related to a wide variety of trade and competitiveness topics such as trade logistics, global value chains, investment climate, entrepreneurship, and the cost of business operations.

In addition to its comprehensive content, according to World Bank Group, the platform sets itself apart through the visual presentation of information supported by tools that allow users to create customized graphics.

TCdata360 allows users to create customized visualizations, compare countries and regions, and easily share charts, graphs, and maps through social media. Further, it adds depth to the numbers with curated country reports, data stories, and toolkits that put data in context.

It is now part of World Bank Group’s engagement in the open data movement.

Photo courtesy: World Bank Group

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