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Viva Technology Launches Innovation Challenges for Startups

Viva Technology Launches Innovation Challenges for Startups

Startup Pitch Zone at VivaTech. Courtesy: SIPA VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2018″

For the fourth consecutive year VivaTech is hosting the Open Innovation Challenges to foster cooperation between startups and established companies while increasing business opportunities in global tech.

VivaTech’s Lab partners see the Challenges as a source of solutions for their business transformation. The solutions involve artificial intelligence; the Internet of Things; virtual and augmented reality; HR and the workplace of the future; and the consumer of the future.

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The “Hardware Challenge” will feature pioneering drones, robots, and products in the Discovery Zone. The “Green Tech Challenge” seeks inclusive solutions to key societal and environmental issues of the 21st century. And the “XR & Entertainment Challenge” offers visitors immersive experiences.

Startups from around the world can apply on the VivaTech internet platform, with innovative solutions to the Challenges of leading companies in their sectors. Deadline for applications: 15 February 2019. The list of selected startups will be announced in March.

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