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Web Videos to Help You Select Garage Door

As companies are increasingly using multimedia content to attract buyers, Overhead Door Corporation has introduced Garage Door Selection 101, a web-based video series that helps consumers select garage door for their home based on style, pricing and materials.

Available at, the Garage Door Selection 101 series is claimed to be the industry’s most comprehensive garage door selection and informational video series.

Introduced Tuesday, March 19, the six videos walk homeowners through garage door choices, as well as other important aspects, like insulation benefits, how a garage door can enhance curb appeal and choosing a garage door brand.

“Purchasing a garage door is not something a homeowner does every day, so we created this video series to help consumers get up to speed on all the options, styles and materials, which are impressive and sometimes daunting when first encountered in a showroom,” said Jennifer Malcuit, Overhead Door’s brand manager.

“By watching the Garage Door Selection 101 videos beforehand, a homeowner can feel confident and educated when they decide to visit a distributor.”

Garage Door Selection

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Garage Door Selection

In addition to covering the basics, each 90-second video also provides more detailed information, such as maintenance, durability and even climate considerations, which can ultimately determine the lifetime of the door.

Overhead Door Corporation, based in Dallas, Texas, is a leading manufacturer of doors and openers for residential, commercial, industrial and transportation applications.

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