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Vladimir Putin Outlines Russian Internet Strategy for Economic Development

Vladimir Putin Speaking at the First Russian Internet Economy Forum

Vladimir Putin Speaking at the First Russian Internet Economy Forum

The First Russian Internet Economy Forum took place in Moscow on December 21–22. The plenary session, attended by representatives of the national IT industry and relevant ministries and agencies, was dedicated to initiatives for the long-term development programme of the Russian Internet segment and branches of the economy using Internet technologies.

Prior to the plenary session, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin attended an exhibition of innovative projects, where was shown, in particular, developments in bank technologies, cyber- protection for industrial facilities and those directed at enhancing the accessibility of public services for the people of Russia.

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Putin also had a conversation with Forum participants. He revealed that the number of commercial Internet users is growing rapidly in Russia and the Internet market accounts for 16 percent of the GDP.

Putin said that the significance and influence of the Internet are constantly growing. “We need to use the Internet as a driver of modernisation for the entire country to raise the quality of life, to create a new technological basis for the national economy and, of course, for the social spheres – education and healthcare,” Putin suggested.

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He said that the Internet Initiatives Development Fund has become one of the instruments available for resolving these tasks.

“We set it up two years ago and it seems to be doing well. It already has 6 billion rubles at its disposal. Over the 2.5 years of its work, the Fund has added over 170 projects to its portfolio designed to resolve specific issues facing both individuals and businesses,” Putin said.

He further suggested that the country needs to develop a strategy for the long-term development of the Russian Internet, taking into consideration the overall development tendencies of the world wide web.

Photo courtesy: Kremlin

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