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Using Orange Money in Africa and the Middle East

Orange Money is the mobile phone payment service designed by Orange to meet the needs of its customers in Africa and the Middle East.

It provides Orange subscribers with functions such as money transfers from mobile to mobile, bills payment, withdrawal services and cash deposits with networks of registered agents, as well as paying for goods and services with certain businesses.

According to the company, Orange Money is making life easier for a large number of people in Africa where 60% of the population has a mobile phone but less than 10% has a bank account.

It has been launched in nine countries so far: Botswana, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Mali, Madagascar, Mauritius, Niger and Senegal, and has already reached over 3.5 million customers, says Orange.

In a related development, Nokia said Orange will be the first operator to range the Lumia 610 NFC, which can pair with NFC accessories and read NFC tags. The Lumia 610 NFC also has the hardware and software enablers for the implementation of NFC payment and ticketing solutions. (Read: Nokia Lumia 610 Coming with NFC for Orange)

Also, France Telecom-Orange and Visa Inc. have announced that Orange Money customers will have access to Visa prepaid account features inside their Orange Money accounts. (Read: Orange to Offer Visa Mobile Prepaid Accounts)

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Now, CANAL+ AFRIQUE and Orange have signed a partnership offering CANAL+/CANALSAT subscribers in Africa a convenient way to pay their subscription fees with their mobiles, using Orange’s mobile payment service.

The subscription fee payment using Orange Money will be launched in Madagascar in June 2012, so all Malagasy subscribers who are both CANAL+/CANALSAT and Orange customers with an Orange Money account will be able to pay their subscription fees easily and directly from their mobiles, and enjoy their favourite TV programmes.

Guy Lafarge, president of CANAL+ OVERSEAS, declared: “We are very pleased with this partnership with Orange on mobile payment. With Orange Money, we will provide our subscribers with an innovative and simple means of payment which is both quick and secure.”

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CANAL+ AFRIQUE, present in more than 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, provides its subscribers with a variety of TV channels packages, which can either be prepaid or paid through direct debit.

The majority of users opt for the prepaid formula which helps them control their spending, but which means they have to go to a retailer to renew their subscription. Orange Money will provide added comfort and flexibility for these customers by providing a way for them to pay their bills anytime, anywhere, with almost instantaneous service activation.

In addition to Madagascar, by the end of 2012, this mobile payment service will be offered to CANAL+/CANALSAT subscribers in various African countries where the Orange money service is already available. It was announced today, April 19.

“This agreement with CANAL+ AFRIQUE, a major player in the world of digital content, is another example of our resolve to continually broaden the range of Orange Money services to make life easier for our customers,” said Marc Rennard, executive director responsible for Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Photo courtesy: France Telecom-Orange

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