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Using Hurl to Post Viral Videos on Your TV


Tech startup Hurl Development, LLC today announced plans to make advanced screen customization features for its YouTube Jukebox app, Hurl.

The smartphone app allows multiple users to “hurl” viral videos to nearby TV screens using GPS.

The screen customization features that were previously exclusive to bars and restaurants enable additional functionality like explicit content controls and in-house promotions for use at public or private gatherings.

The company says the move to make these features available for everyone follows feedback provided by users during a recent survey conducted by the company.

According to the company, some users turn their Hurl screens into digital billboards that local businesses pay to hurl their commercials on during rush hour in high-traffic locations.

Hurl is a social media platform that transforms web enabled TV screens into internet video jukeboxes that multiple users control with the Hurl smartphone app.

Advanced features enable access to Hurl’s In-house Promotions System and Admin Control Panel (explicit content controls, queue limits, etc).

Advanced screen features will be accessible from the bottom of the Screen Quick Launch Page.

Hurl Development, LLC is a Houston-based software developer that specializes in second-screen technology and applications for social media.

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