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Using Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Digital Justice

Photo: CEPEJ

Photo: CEPEJ

In order to promote mediation, the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) adopted three new tools in the form of awareness-raising programmes for judges, notaries, and lawyers.

In the field of digital justice, following the adoption of the European Charter on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in judicial systems in December 2018, the CEPEJ agreed on a Feasibility Study on the possible establishment of a certification mechanism for AI tools and services in the light of the principles contained in the Charter.

In order to harmonise the meaning of the terms used in CEPEJ documents, the members of the CEPEJ have also adopted a glossary of CEPEJ definitions.

Legal Case to Protect Human Rights from Pollution ]

During the plenary meeting, the CEPEJ members also adopted its 2020-2021 general programme of activities as well as the specific mandates for each of its working groups.

The plenary meeting was preceded (on 4 December) by a Forum, organised in cooperation with the International Union of Judicial Officers (UIHJ), on digital assets and enforcement to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Guidelines for a better implementation of the existing Council of Europe Recommendation on enforcement.

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