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DaVinci Demos Movie Conversion from 2D into 3D

DaVinci 3D Corp. made its cinematic debut today, July 19, in conjunction with the International 3D Society.

Jim Chabin, CEO of the Society, asked Steve Blumenthal, CEO of DaVinci 3D, to convert from 2D into 3D the closing montage for the AOA (American Optometric Association) meeting, part of the International 3D Society’s outreach program.

The AOA invited the International 3D Society to demonstrate how 3D is changing entertainment and education. Jim Chabin created the Chicago montage with Mike Piltzecker of Influence Pictures in Los Angeles for the presentation in Chicago. The clip utilized footage of Chicago landmarks including the city skyline.

DaVinci has developed accelerated auto conversion processes for glasses free Auto Stereoscopic Displays (ASD) and for 3D with glasses.

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In Chicago, DaVinci 3D introduced its new semi automatic stereoscopic conversion process to the Movie theater size screen for the first time.

“DaVinci came through under extremely tight deadlines and got a great ovation from 2500 eye doctors. The clip was a hit,” Chabin said.

This demonstration of the movie screen semi automatic, low cost 2D to 3D conversion methodology is now available for global content customers, for both large and small screen distribution.

DaVinci 3D is now targeting film makers, video production houses, archive and library owners to offer its 2D to 3D content conversion solution.

“What differentiates DaVinci 3D from the field is that our methodology mimics the way the eyes see in the integration of both our hardware and content conversion technology. The result is a natural, non-abusive 3D image that can be viewed as comfortably as HDTV,” said Blumenthal.

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