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Traders Launch Alliance for Digital Bharat to Boost Digital India

Traders Launch Alliance for Digital Bharat to Boost Digital India

Traders Launch Alliance for Digital Bharat to Boost Digital India

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) at a conference held Thursday in New Delhi launched ‘Alliance for Digital Bharat (ADB).’

It is a group of national organisations of traders, transporters, farmers, truck operators, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), consumers, self-employed groups, women entrepreneurs, and other verticals of non-corporate sector.

The mandate of the Alliance has been set for development of a conducive atmosphere for digitization in non-corporate sector including trading community and launch a nationwide campaign to encourage the people to adopt technology in their existing business format.

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Proposed GST which is designed to be based on a digital platform coupled with various moves of the government to encourage less-cash economy and financial inclusion of small businesses had necessitated the formation of an alliance which will become a common market in line with keeping at par, the goods & services in proposed GST.

The Alliance will organise a National Economic Summit in November to have wider consultations on its mandate. India’s Commerce Minister Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman also launched the website of ADB at the Conference.

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Complexity in understanding impending benefits, hesitation in maintaining websites along with necessary / added features such as payment gateways, and resistance to trust technologies such as cloud computing, are often cited as reasons not to avail these technologies.

Added to this, according to the Alliance, dependency on private institutions for credit does not help even if a business owner is convinced to scale up its presence. Small and medium business are now moving beyond promotion and marketing related activities on social media and are increasingly realising benefits of being listed online as an e-seller.

Photo courtesy: ADB

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