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Toon Hero to Help You Create Your Animated Stories

Trigger Happy, the creators of platforms that enable social animation on mobile devices, launches Toon Hero, an app for iPad users to create their own animated stories.

Using exclusively licensed characters and properties from studios such as The Jim Henson Company, Hero: 108, Mukpuddy, and National Geographic among others, animated creations can be shared as status updates, stories, jokes, greetings and more.

“We are changing the game of animation as we know it and putting the power of social storytelling in people’s hands with many of the animated favorites they know and love,” says Shona Grundy, CEO of Trigger Happy.

According to the company, the app makes it easy and fun to share through social media. While animation can often require years of training, expensive software, complicated tool-sets and more, the Toon Hero app breaks down these barriers by making animation as easy as tapping, swiping, dragging and talking, says the company.

While the application is being offered for free, premium characters and backgrounds are available for purchase for 99 cents.

Toon Hero is available in 14 different languages and free to download from the App Store on iPad.

Trigger Happy is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.

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