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Thuraya’s Dual-Mode Satellite & GSM Phone

Thuraya, a leading international mobile satellite operator, has launched a dual mode handheld phone that features both GSM and satellite capabilities.

The introduction of this phone, branded XT-DUAL, makes Thuraya the only satellite operator to offer seamless communications as the phone provides consumers the flexibility and freedom to switch between GSM and satellite modes wherever they may be located, says the company.

The new device operates as a standard GSM phone within the reach of terrestrial networks, and when out of terrestrial network reach operates as a satellite phone supported by Thuraya’s network.

“The new phone ensures reliable and seamless communications in one very sleek unit, enabling consumers to benefit from the best of the two worlds of GSM and satellite,” said Thuraya’s CEO, Samer Halawi.

The company says XT-DUAL responds to the vital needs of frequent travelers, businessmen, and consumers from diverse industries as it has a built-in web browser for internet access directly on the phone and it offers the fastest data service on any satellite enabled handheld at 60 kbit/s. It is also cased in a sleek, rugged, and modern design.

The new phone offers free mobility without consumers having to worry about the direction of the satellite. Additionally, if the antenna of the handheld is stowed, satellite calls can still be received due to a High-Penetration-Alerting function.

In addition to the built-in web browser, the phone can be connected to a laptop/PC for internet access and can be synchronized with a laptop/PC.

As Thuraya claims to be the only satellite operator to offer satellite roaming capabilities for GSM consumers, people on the move can choose either to use a Thuraya SIM card or access Thuraya’s network by simply inserting their GSM SIM card into the XT-DUAL.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Thuraya has roaming agreements with 324 operators covering 154 countries.

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