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Technology to Help You Remove Your Tattoo

Technology to Help You Remove Your Tattoo

Technology to Help You Remove Your Tattoo

As the craze for tattoos is gradually waning among youth, vendors are introducing new solutions to help people get rid of this body art.

Quanta Aesthetic Lasers announced Tuesday the addition of the Studio Tattoo Removal Laser to its Q-Plus C line of Q-switched lasers. This is a new addition to the tattoo removal technology in the aesthetic industry.

According to Quanta, tattoo removal procedures increased 440% over the past ten years, with larger increases expected over the next decade.

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The Quanta Q-Plus C has long been the gold standard in Q-switched technology devices in the industry, and continues to gain market share due to its three-wavelength laser design and its proprietary OptiBeam technology, says the company.

The Studio includes the same proprietary technology with a two-wavelength configuration, in a compact, economical system.

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Quanta completes its tattoo removal offerings with the MDK Series, which combines Q-switched lasers with long and short pulse wavelengths, and can be expanded with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) options. Every Quanta laser is handcrafted by Italian engineers.

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