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Taiwan Launches Online Learning Initiative: Huayu 101

Huayu 101

Huayu 101

Taiwan’s Ministry of Education (MOE) announced today the launch of an online learning initiative called “Huayu 101,” a brand new online Mandarin learning material.

Professor Chang Yuhsin from the University of Taipei, the designer of “Huayu 101”, has more than 20 years Mandarin teaching experience.

In order to provide easier learning experience, he and his team collect key phrases that people should learn for basic survival.

The contents of “Huayu 101” include accommodation, shopping, food ordering, traffic, emergency help, etc. It’s useful for foreign students and travelers who stay in Taiwan, and can be applied to other Mandarin-speaking regions.

To attract and motivate young people to learn Mandarin in Taiwan, MOE works with Logan D. Beck, a hotshot Youtuber, to produce 2 videos of promoting Mandarin learning and Taiwan’s culture.

In response to the global demand for Chinese language education, Taiwan’s Chinese language education sector is vigorously looking outward and international marketing.

This led to planning and implementing the Eight-year Chinese Language Education Promotion Plan (2013–2020). Under this plan the Office of Global Mandarin Education was set up to integrate the resources and results of Chinese language education in Taiwan.

In order to promote Mandarin learning in Taiwan, MOE invited the Ministry of Transportation and Communication’s Tourism Bureau and the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to be co-organizers, and integrated tourism and Chinese-learning resources to create a brand new study-tour model, “Mandarin On-the-Go” in Taiwan.

Anyone who is interested in these programs can visit the official website.

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