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Spotify and Official Comedy Launch Comedy App

Digital music service Spotify and online media service Official Comedy have launched an app featuring a curated comedy audio library.

The Official Comedy app aggregates Spotify’s comedy database and offers listeners an organized assortment of entertaining programming.

The app includes top performances, such as Jerry Seinfeld’s “I’m Telling You For The Last Time,” and Aziz Ansari’s “Dangerously Delicious,” along with material from Louis CK, Mike Birbiglia, Kevin Hart, Jeffrey Ross and others.

Official Comedy, a division of Bedrocket Media Ventures, says it is an online media destination for all things funny. The Official Comedy app is now available for free on Spotify by searching for ‘Official Comedy’ in the App Finder.

“The Official Comedy app on Spotify gives our users access to a customized comedy experience that is just as extensive as our music experience,” said Ken Parks, chief content officer, Spotify.

The app, curated and edited by Official Comedy, will provide playlists that focus on key themes from various performances. Sample playlists include:

  • Who Doesn’t Love A Good Sex Scandal?
  • We’ve All Got Royal Baby Fever!
  • We Go Together Like Booze And Pills
  • We All Have Some Family Members We’d Like To Hide
  • It’s All About the Benjamins! Wait, Is It Hamilton?
  • Why Is This Freaking Dog Humping My Leg?
  • Hollywood’s Dirty Little Secrets
  • Somehow We Make The Environment Funny

The Official Comedy app is available at:

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