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Sony’s Remodeled Interactive Campaign for Models

Remodeled, a reality series featuring a global community of model and talent agencies that is digitally connected by an online portfolio and booking system, launched a branded channel experience on DirecTV Channel 111. It was announced by Sony Pictures Television today, July 6.

Currently running from now until July 9th, the experience will feature previews of upcoming Remodeled episodes and an exclusive gallery where viewers can learn more about the talent discovered this season, in addition to custom videos featuring models. Remodeled begins its summer run on The CW Monday, July 9, at 9/8 Central.

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“We realized that engaging fans of the show has become something that is happening on-air, off air and online so we tapped BrightLine to create the full interactive experience they crave,” said Paul Fisher, CEO, The Network and star of Remodeled.

“Now viewers can take their interest in the lives of models a step further by learning some styling secrets from the stars of Remodeled as well as learning about their lives outside of the show.”

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Produced by BrightLine, the global provider of interactive television solutions for entertainment and advertising, the destination will allow viewers at home the ability to recreate some of the featured models’ favorite hairstyles using TRESemme products.

Remodeled is executive produced by Allison Grodner (“Big Brother,” “You’re Cut Off,” “She’s Got The Look,” “Plain Jane”), Rich Meehan (“Big Brother,” “You’re Cut Off,” “She’s Got The Look,” “Plain Jane”), Amy Palmer Robertson (“You’re Cut Off,” “Plain Jane”), Paul Fisher (“I Want To Be A Hilton”), Greg Suess (“What’s Wrong with Virginia,” “Tug”) and Erik Stone (“Aisha Tyler Is Lit: Live at the Fillmore”).

The series is distributed by Sony Pictures Television.

Photo courtesy: Sony Pictures Television

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