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Smart People Don’t Diet. They Use SmartenFit

SmartenFit app

The SmartenFit app is a research-based healthy eating and fitness app that provides a holistic approach to wellness.

The goal of SmartenFit is to help users adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle – beyond New Year’s resolutions.

Developed by COREducational, the app is for those looking for a simplified way to monitor their nutritional choices and exercise, and set realistic and attainable goals without having to count every calorie or step.

The tips and tools in SmartenFit are complementary to the book “Smart People Don’t Diet” by Dr. Charlotte Markey, a health psychology professor at Rutgers University.

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According to the company, the advice in the book and the SmartenFit app is based on scientific evidence from psychologists, nutritionists, public health professionals, and doctors.

The SmartenFit app features:

  • Periodically updated news feed with research-based health tips and articles
  • Healthier food alternative database
  • Food diary allowing for both photo and text entries
  • BMI calculator
  • Goal setting and reminders
  • Personal dashboard with graphs to track your progress

The app is $2.99 and ad free. Future versions of the app may include a feature that allows users to submit a week of their food diary to a registered dietitian for review and feedback on their diet along with suggestions on how to improve their nutritional profile.

COREducational is an educational consulting and app design development company.

Photo: Screenshot from SmartenFit app

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