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SimulTV Delivers Anywhere, Anytime TV on the Web

A new global TV platform SimulTV promises to bring a paradigm shift in the way people watch TV.

Offered by a Virginia-based media company Interconnect Media Network Systems (IMN), SimulTV allows people to watch TV with anyone, anywhere, anytime on any web-enabled device.

You can simultaneously share streaming or video on demand content while communicating through picture-in picture video chats, voice chats and text chats in addition to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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After an initial beta offering, SimulTV is now available for the public to test drive for free at It was announced Monday, Jan. 7.

“Picture a world where simple, everyday moments like enjoying a movie together can be shared even when you and your loved ones are miles apart,” said IMN’s CEO and founder Steven Turner.

“That’s what SimulTV will do for families and friends across the globe with features like picture-in-picture video that allow you to see each other while streaming content simultaneously.”

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According to the company, the platform will provide a selection of live and video-on-demand content from partners like Home Shopping Network, American Music Television, Independent Cinema Network and One World Sports and will continually add more content.

The focus will be on family entertainment programs, and a healthy mix of anime, comedy, action, independent music and a 24/7 live sports feed, says the company.

Photo courtesy: SimulTV

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